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Sexual Abuse FAQ

Answers to Questions About Rape, Molestation & More

Sexual abuse is a sensitive topic- a topic that many people stray away from. Stern Law Group understands the pain and hurt that this topic can bring, but the firm is also committed to providing answers to victims and their families. Listed below are answers to common questions about rape, molestation and other types of sexual abuse, as well as their legal implications.

What constitutes sexual abuse?
There are many different scenarios which could be considered sexual abuse. Those who are unsure whether or not certain actions are sexual abuse should contact an attorney directly for the most accurate determination. Sexual abuse can be a one-time action, in which case it would be considered rape or sexual assault. Sexual abuse can be continual and prolonged as well. In general, it is any behavior of the sexual nature that is forced and undesired by one party. This might include non-consensual sex, unwanted touching, kissing, pornography exposure, incest or even saying sexually suggestive statements.

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What can I do about sexual abuse?
Unfortunately, many sexual abusers hold positions of power or prowess. This can threaten a victim into silence. One thing you should never do in cases of sexual abuse is remain silent. Even in cases where there is threatening, victims should seek legal help as soon as possible. An attorney can evaluate your case, all in the strictest confidence, and they can bring legal action against the abuser and other liable institutions involved in the abuse.

Is there protection against the abuser before a legal decision is reached?
Victims with reasonable cause may be able to file a restraining order against the abuser in order to protect themselves against further abuse. Contact an attorney if you are concerned about your safety.

Why should I hire Stern Law Group?
Stern Law Group is a large proponent of justice, which is why the firm specifically fights for the rights of sexual abuse victims. This firm will file lawsuits against institutions that allow sexual abuse to happen under their care. Our firm has many years of legal experience as well as over 30,000 clients handled and millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on their behalf.

Help from a Texas Sexual Abuse Attorney

The firm understands that those seeking legal representation in the midst of sexual abuse likely have many more questions than those that have been addressed here. This is why all interested parties are encouraged to contact a Texas sexual abuse lawyer from Stern Law Group directly. The firm can evaluate your case and provide pertinent legal information regarding the steps that you can take. Should you become a client of the firm, your attorney will provide you with open and honest communication and fight to see that your case results in the justice that you and your family deserve.

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