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Reporting Assault

Victims and survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault are forced to deal with extremely potent physical and psychological consequences. In many cases, the damages to a person's emotional well-being in the wake of a sexual assault can be life changing. At the end of the day, however, there are far too many victims who, for one reason or another, do not report the crimes committed against them or do not expose their attackers. In fact, statistics have shown that more than 54% of assaults go unreported. The FBI has also stated that sexual assaults are the most underreported violent crime in America.

Whether this is because the offender was someone the victim knew or was someone related to the victim or because there are other circumstances and social factors involved will always be a delicate and difficult matter. Regardless of the situation, victims should know that these are very serious criminal offenses and that they should never be tolerated.

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What Victims Can Do When Reporting Assault

Reporting assault is a bold, complicated, and overwhelming decision, but it is the right thing to do. In addition, raising awareness about the prevalence of sexual violence and exposing offenders who are potential threats to others is a selfless and wholly positive benefit that comes with speaking out against wrongdoing.

When it comes to reporting sexual abuse or assault, victims and others who may suspect such crimes have several options. These include bringing their case to the attention of law enforcement agencies, hospitals, any number of national non-profit organizations and hotlines, or qualified legal representatives. It is important to remember that these agencies, entities, and legal professionals take sexual violence allegations very seriously, as well as the rights and needs of victims.

While reporting crimes may seem and very well be invasive, time-consuming, and overwhelming, there are also many good reasons to report sexual offenses. Many survivors have noted that reporting offenses, discussing their case, and receiving assistance have helped with their healing process and improving their emotional outlooks.

The Facts

Time Limits: There are generally no legal time limits or statutes of limitations for victims to report attacks or assault, but it is always a wise decision to report incidents as soon as possible. In Texas, some sexual assault cases against adult victims over the age of 17 may have a statute of limitations of 10 years from the date of the commission of the offense. Reporting is still always encouraged regardless of the circumstances, and an attorney can help you determine if this statute has any bearing on your case.

Reporting Process: In most cases, law enforcement officers will first take statements about the events and details surrounding your situation. It is widely advised that you write down as much as you can remember as soon as possible so that you can more easily provide this information.

Law enforcement agencies will also collect any physical evidence that is available, including the clothes you wore at the time and other relevant evidence. Nurses and doctors may also conduct physical examinations. Law enforcement interviews will eventually be conducted and can take some time, depending on your situation. This is a crucial step in the reporting process and is geared toward collecting as much information as possible and making the strongest possible case.

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