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Sexual Abuse

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In the most general terms, sexual abuse can be defined as any unwanted sexual activity. Beyond this, there are a variety of criminal sex offenses and situations that can fall into the category. All forms of sexual abuse can be physically, emotionally, and psychologically harmful to victims and survivors, and they should never be tolerated. At Stern Law Group, our legal team is prepared to aggressively represent the victims of any type of sexual abuse and assist them with completing the legal actions that can help achieve justice. If you, a loved one, or someone you know has been involved in any of the following situations or has been a victim of sexual abuse in any way, our firm is here to fight for your rights.

Abuse in School
Sexual harassment and abuse in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and college universities are common. This includes offenses committed by teachers, administrators, school employees, and other students.

Aggravated Sexual Assault
Under Texas law, aggravated sexual assault is an enhanced criminal charge that can be prosecuted when certain additional factors are involved in the commission of a sexual assault. Some examples of these factors include the use of a dangerous weapon, victims under the age of 14, and serious bodily injuries.

Boy Scout Abuse
Recent discoveries surrounding the attempts of officials to cover up allegations of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America organization have led to increased concern about how these types of crimes can go undetected. They also highlight the abuse of power and authority that abusers use to victimize youth.

Child Molestation
Child molestation is a serious offense and should never be tolerated or left unreported by victims or others who may suspect such behavior. According to Texas legal definitions, a child is anyone under the age of 17.

Child Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse against children is a reprehensible, immoral, and unacceptable crime. Statistics have shown that a large percentage of children who are sexually abused know their offenders and that only one in ten sexually abused children ever report their case.

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Clergy Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse of children within religious institutions and organizations are another example of how people in positions of power abuse their authority to manipulate and exploit victims. Abuse can occur in any religious denomination.

The 21st century has seen astounding innovations in technology but also many new forms of crime. Cyberstalking, such as Facebook abuse, is an example of an Internet crime that can involve sexual abuse, harassment, and other offenses.

Foster Care Abuse
Child sexual abuse in the foster care system is extremely prevalent and disastrous for children who may already be in emotionally fragile conditions. According to statistics, rates of sexual abuse in foster care homes are more than four times as high as in the general population.

More than a third of child sexual abuse cases involves offenders who were relatives of victims. Abuse and assault committed by family members can cause many negative repercussions and extensive emotional distress to victims.

Indecent Exposure
The public display of a person's genitals can be considered indecent exposure. Victims of indecent exposure have the right to pursue legal actions against their attackers. This act is also a specific criminal offense under Texas law and is harshly punished.

Internet Sex Crimes
Internet sex crimes have become a serious point of concern to both law enforcement agencies and the general public. There are various Internet sex crime offenses, including but not limited to online solicitation of a minor and exploitation.

Rape is among the most serious violent offenses in America, but is also by far the most underreported violent crime. Statistics surrounding the victims, offenders, and prevalence of rape are also alarming. Date rape and statutory rape are other examples of rape that routinely go unreported.

Sexual Abuse in Sports
The flood of media attention surrounding the prevalence of sexual abuse in sports has renewed concern about how easy it is for these crimes to go undetected. These offenses are common in youth and teen sports and in high performance athletics.

Sexual Assault
Sexual assault is a specific statutory crime in the state of Texas and can be defined as any unlawful sexual contact with a minor under the age of 17 or with someone who does not give their consent. Sexual assault is a serious offense and victims should always report these crimes, no matter the situation.

Sexual Bullying
While bullying has existed for many years, there is no denying the fact that bullying of a sexual nature is often more detrimental to the lives of victims. Sexual bullying is also very common in school environments and amongst youth.

Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment can be any unlawful verbal, emotional, or physical actions that abuse, bully, or annoy victims. While there are laws in place regarding sexual harassment, particularly in the workplace, many victims are unsure of whether their situation can be defined as sexual harassment.

Sexual Hazing
The ritual initiation practice of hazing is not a new concept, but it has become much more violent, offensive, and sexual in recent years. Hazing is also common in social groups such as sports teams, fraternities, and gangs.

Sexting consists of sending explicit messages, photos, or videos via cell phones, text messages, or other similar communication methods. Individuals who have been victimized by sexting can experience serious emotional distress, humiliation, and disastrous effects to their personal and professional well-being.

Workplace Sexual Abuse
In recent years, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and any other similar behaviors have not been tolerated in the workplace. They still exist, however, and victims who suffer damages as a result can pursue legal recourse in order to obtain justice.

Fighting for the Rights of Victims

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