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Aggravated Sexual Assault

Sexual abuse or assault in any form should never be tolerated or left unreported. This is especially true for cases that involve aggravated sexual assault. As a serious criminal offense, this charge entails additional aggravating circumstances in addition to sexual abuse and is more harshly punished than other sex crimes. Where sexual assault can involve any number of unwanted sexual acts or situations, Texas law requires other circumstances in order to consider and prosecute a crime as aggravated sexual assault. According to Texas Penal code §22.021, these additional factors include any of the following:

  • Serious bodily injury or attempts to cause the death of the victim
  • Acts or words are used to place the victim in fear of serious injury, death, or kidnapping
  • Threats to sexually assault, kidnap, or injure another party
  • The use or exhibition of a deadly weapon
  • A person commits the offense with the assistance or in concert with another
  • The use of Rohypnol, gamma-hydroxybutyrate, or Ketamine on the victim
  • The victim is younger than 14 years of age
  • The victim is an elderly individual over the age of 65 or disabled

Aggravated sexual assault is a serious and extremely violent offense. As such, many victims are paralyzed by fear and threats and are often reluctant to speak out against offenders. At Stern Law Group, our passionate legal team is prepared to act as first responders and will help clients through whatever it is they need, including working with law enforcement agencies to initiate formal criminal proceedings while aggressively handling your personal case.

Representing Aggravated Sexual Assault Victims

Our firm understands that these are overwhelming and emotionally dense situations, and we are dedicated to fighting on behalf of victims and families. If you or someone you know has been a victim of aggravated sexual assault, we strongly encourage you to bring your case to the attention of an experienced sexual abuse lawyer from our firm. With a 24 / 7 response team ready and willing to meet your needs and to support you every step of the way, Stern Law Group is here to help. Contact our firm to discuss your case.

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